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Bigger Thangs

We at Vory pride ourselves in not only identifying an issue, but thinking two steps ahead to formulate a solution.

We believe in relationships - a long term partnership that will allow us to grow with your brand while developing effective, long lasting results.


04/01/19 - 06/01/19




Website Visitors
Total People that Visited Website


Website Revenue
Total Revenue Through Website


Email List
9,584 Including Symplast



Monthly Recurring Revenue
Recurring Monthly


Memberships Sold
58 Botox | 13 Hydrafacial


SEO Citations Fixed
All Google Listings


Digital Asset Management & Acquisition

Email lists: within the month of april cc collected 1,772 new subscribers granting us their permission to market to going forward. capitalizing on these subscribers in upcoming months could create huge revenue and expansion opportunity.

diversified traffic sources - both google and direct search are both acquiring sizable amounts of website visitors, not quite instagram results, but getting there!

Google Drive: Vory has created a google drive folder organizing & categorizing large amounts of data, content, and brand assets. furthermore we have deep-linked the majority of content in both the drive & website so it is always seo optimized upon upload.


Mobile app mockups




Upcoming projects & plans

CC APP: bring california cosmetics app to itunes store

App push notifications: draw in new sales thru incentives

wifi marketing: link cc locations with wifi marketing

CC Bus & Events: strategize on how to monetize the bus every which way

Cc university: new stream of monetization. essentially building out another site

Migrate website to Wordpress: Move over the site to WP or Shopify so we can offer financing through Klarna and receive the full payment upfront from them

Begin SEO Campaigns: Agree on a budget to increase search rankings

instagram campaign: acquire new relevant ig traffic and impressions

Text message marketing: hone in on monetizing thru text messaging

Live Chat: integrate live chat and online ass



Going Forward


As much as we would like to tell you that you will get a whole lot more for the price, not much will change. We will continue to help out at full capacity to bring to life any visions, dreams, and ideas you may have as quickly and efficiently as possible and stop you from getting robbed by agencies and web crooks in the process. Whether we need to drive a beauty bus to New York or spearhead a team in India to bring an App to market, we got your back - we’re in this for the long-game. The proposed amounts are not life-changing, ultimately what we are seeking is an ongoing partnership that leads to an empire everyone is happy to be a part of and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to work and learn beside you. - Dillon



option 1

  • base pay $15k/month

  • evaluate percentages on a per project basis

option 2

  • Base pay of 12K/Month

  • 15-20% of Site Profit

  • Credit for CC to refer clients/friends/family

  • Take over Jeff’s lease for Jag (or whatever)

  • Evaluate ownership/profit percentages on an ongoing per project basis


Profit-share ideas

  • CC App: 2.5% Profit-share

    • The central point of the app is to do walk-in memberships so they can attend events (buses) in different areas as time goes on. Eventually we can add on appointment booking on the app but for now they will be able to “RSVP” to a walk-in event. (no call center needed)

  • SkinMedica: x%

    • Sales generated online for selling SkinMedica

  • Envy Eyelash: x%

    • Eyelash sales, etc.

  • Armée: x%

    • Sweat/work equity, and can figure something contributing cash to add also. We can figure this out later

  • myAura: x%

    • Sweat/work equity, and can figure out a way to to put up cash also.

**If any of this is off just let me know where and we can figure something out. You guys are adding a shit ton of value that I’m not trying to degrade by any means. Hopping on board with you guys regardless and excited to continue to grind.


**month 1 App & IG Boost Included**

With a deal, month #1 payment covers the CC app costs and getting the Daily Dose Instagram guys boosting engagement on IG. Pumped to keep working on these projects.