KW Leslie Proposal



Vory is very excited about the possibility of working together towards bringing visibility to findokchomes.com and generating real estate leads together.

For various reasons we have become a bit particular on who we work with nowadays, but this seems like the ultimate fit! We pride ourselves on providing quality work + results for our clients, along beside finding ways to provide value extra value.  While having the utmost respect for Leslie, her team, and the success they have earned to date, we see tremendous value . Flurries of outside the box ideas have been passed around our team, on ways to market digitally and grow your lead database. 

After talks with you and your team, we believe there are three main areas where we could come in and add to the value cause. Setting up the online foundation for findokchomes.com, running paid ad campaigns, and aggregating network traffic. All with the goal of gaining website traffic, in order to capture data for selling purposes. Below is a little bit about each service and what they entail.