Offer your customers financing, with NO FEES. Ever.

Changing Financing for the Better.

ZERO Financing Fees for Life


Never pay fees to offer your customers financing again. Vory Financing is changing the way people borrow money to pay for goods and services and our goal is simple: To find borrowers the best loan options period.

We have partnered with over 100 lenders that have different criteria for lending consumers money which gives us industry leading approvals. We currently have a 70% loan matching rate meaning our lenders are willing to lend to almost all of our customers.

Traditional medical financing companies such as CareCredit and Synchrony use a single lender to fund loans so they need to charge the retail or e-commerce store fees to stay in business. Our buy now pay later financing option gives lenders the ability to only fund borrowers that meet their criteria so their is no risk to them, and no need for us to charge the business.

To see if your business is eligible to offer financing, please visit here.