Parker Tube Float June 8, 2019 aka The Rage Fest

42nd Annual
Parker Tube Float
June 8th, 2019


June 8th, 2019 is the biggest day in Parker, Arizona.

Get together a group of people and a cooler full of beer and join us on the Parker strip to float down the Colorado river. Not only is Parker, Arizona a ragefest for AZ but also for the CA side of the river.

If you’ve never experience the Parker Tube Float, you are missing out. If you are considering visiting again then know that this year will be bigger and better than any year prior.

If your looking for a good time be sure to contact us below and we will take care of registration for you and buy you a drink. I will be my ass we end up at Roadrunner drinking those Road Raper drinks the entire day so contact us while supplies last (while beers last).