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7 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions For Every Need

Taking screenshots on Chrome browser is easy. You can use the native PrtScn button on Windows or the Cmd + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut on macOS. However, they lack advanced options such as full page screenshots, annotations, and automatic link generations etc. Thankfully, you can use third-party chrome extensions to get additional options. Here are the best Chrome screenshot extensions you should you try. Let’s get started.

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Chrome Screenshot Developer Tools

Before we begin, do you know, Google Chrome DevTools has an inbuilt option to capture screenshots? Although the method isn’t the most user-friendly, it does work.

To capture the screenshot go to the webpage using Chrome developer tool; open the Chrome browser and head over to the webpage you want to capture. Next open Chrome developer tool. To do so, click Customize and control Google Chrome (the three vertical dots at the top-right corner) > More tools > Developer tools. Or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + I for Windows or CMD + OPTION + I for macOS.

You can capture two types of screenshots with it, full-size screenshot or visible screen. You can adjust the resolution and zoom by using the options above. It can capture the screenshots for the mobile version of the webpage and you can choose a few mobile layouts from the drop-down menu on top.

Next, click on 3 dots menu on the top-right and select Capture Screenshot or Capture full size screenshot. And that’s it, your screenshot will save in the downloads folder.


Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions

1. Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot is a simple screenshot capture extension which allows you to capture the entire screen with just one click. It works just like the native feature of Google Chrome to capture screen but in a more optimized way.

After installing the screenshot extension, the icon sits next to the address bar in the browser. To capture the webpage, click the icon and wait for it to traverse the page. It opens a new tab where you candownload the screenshots as an image, or as a PDF. You can change the image format and the PDF page size in the settings page. The only problem with the scrolling screenshots is that they don’t recognize and remove sticky headers and footers of the webpage automatically.

Visibility by Vory

Visibility by Vory

Full Page Screenshot is a free Chrome extension and its best for people who want to capture the entire webpage but don’t want to go through the hassle of using DevTools.

Features: Full page screenshot, save as PDF option

Install Full Page Screenshot

2. Fireshot

Next up is Fireshot, this screenshot does everything that the previous extension in the list did. In addition to that Fireshot can take screenshots of the visible part of the webpage as well. It can also take a screenshot of the selected area using the cursor.

Fireshot saves the captured screenshots in its default folder which you can change from the settings. You can enable hotkeys to capture the screen. The biggest selling point though, is the option to annotate, crop, edit the screenshots in the editor which you can download from the settings menu.

Visibility by  Vory .

Visibility by Vory.

Overall, this screenshot extension works and you get a lot of control over the final result. The basic tool is free on the Chrome Web Store, you can get the pro version with all the features unlocked for $35. If you want a tool just to capture screenshots the free version would do just fine.

Features: Selected area screenshot, annotate, hotkeys.

Install Fireshot

3. 1-Click Webpage Screenshot

Moving on to the next, 1-Click Screenshot is a more advanced screenshot tool with features like desktop capture, webcam capture, inbuilt editor, and edit content.

This open-sourced extension has one very interesting feature which sets it apart from the list. You can edit the content of the webpage before taking a screenshot. This allows you to change the date on the webpage, add or remove text from the page. This is done using by temporarily changing the metadata of the webpage. The onboard editor not only edits the screenshots you just captured but also lets you edit other images.


1-Click Screenshot is a free and open source and is great for anyone who wants to edit and annotate their screenshots.

Features: Edit webpage content, webcam capture, inbuilt editor

Install 1-Click Screenshot

4. Gmail screenshot

Next Screenshot extension is Gmail Screenshot, which has nothing to do with Gmail, Irony? It’s a normal screenshot tool which offers timed desktop captures for mouse hovers, webpage menus etc.

It follows the same steps as the other extensions in this list. You select the tool, capture the screenshot and do a little editing in the editor. This extension offers one feature that’s unique to Gmail screenshot, it uploads the screenshot to the cloud. You can share this screenshot instantly with the URL. This feature makes sharing the screenshots almost effortless. You can create an account and save all the screenshots on your Google Drive account.

Visibility by  Vory .

Visibility by Vory.

Gmail Screenshot is best for people who want a quick screenshot tool with cloud storage and instant sharing features. The extension is free and if you want this extension for professional use you can check out their prices here.

Features: URL for instant sharing, Cloud integration

Install Gmail screenshot

5. Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

Nimbus packs a lot of impressive features for a screenshot extension. With features like select and scroll, delayed capture and video recording, it really steps us the game in screenshots.

You can capture the screen in the mobile layout using the Nimbus extension. It also allows you to capture a screenshot with a slight delay, and unlike the entire page, you can select a part of the page and scroll to capture only the relevant information on the webpage. Nimbus lets you record video, you can record, a tab, entire desktop, or webcam. You can also add a watermark to the screenshots in the editor.

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Get Visible with  Vory.

Get Visible with Vory.

Nimbus is truly a professional level screen capturing tool with multiple features and it is recommended for users who want a customizable extension. It is free on the Chrome Web Store.

Features: Delayed capture, video recording, select and scroll capture, editor, annotate

Install Nimbus

6. Twitter Screenshots

Next up, Twitter screenshots, it lets you capture your favorite tweets with a click of the button. Taking a screenshot of tweets can be tiring if you use the traditional methods or even advanced methods like selected area screenshots.

This extension adds a capture button on every tweet which saves the screenshot when pressed. This button is next to the like button and doesn’t get captured in the screenshot. Once the screenshot is captured, a new tab shows you the screenshot and you can save the image to save the screenshot. Sadly, you can’t automatically save the images to your computer and that’s the only drawback of this extension.


Twitter screenshots is best for anyone who wants to capture twitter screenshots.

Features: one button tweet capture

Install Twitter Screenshots

7. YouTube Screenshots

Just like the previous extension, YouTube Screenshot lets you capture a screenshot by adding a button to the webpage. This extension, however, captures the YouTube screenshots.

After installing the extension, restart your browser and you’ll see the button on the bottom bar. Whenever you wish to take a screenshot of a frame, press the button and it automatically downloads the screenshot to your computer. It only captures the frame and ignores the player control buttons which is great.


YouTube screenshots is best for users who want a quick tool to extract frames from the videos. It is free on the Chrome Web Store.

Features: one button screenshot capture, autosave

Install YouTube screenshots

Which is the best screenshots extension for Google Chrome?

These were some of the best screenshots extensions for Google Chrome, Twitter Screenshots work great and lets you capture tweets effortlessly. YouTube Screenshots is great for capturing frames from the videos directly on YouTube. Nimbus is by far the most powerful screen capturing tool in the list and Full Page screenshot, the simplest. Tell us which screenshots extensions do you like the most and if there’s a better one that we missed in the comments below.