Evolution in the hipster game, turn canned beer into draft beer


Product Description

Brewmasters have determined that a 7:3 beer to foam ratio is ideal for unlocking beer's optimal flavor, yet traditional beer cans make this ratio nearly impossible. Give your beer a boost with The Head Master, a handheld, ultrasonic vibration beer foamer that can create that perfect ratio with any canned beer, giving your beer the enhanced flavor of a fresh served draft.

Beer foam is essential to a great tasting brew, because the foam itself is made of isohumulone (a bitter component of hops). By collecting the bitterness in the foam, you achieve a smoother, better tasting beer. Additionally, foam acts as a protective barrier, helping to retain carbonation and prevent bubbles from escaping, which gives your beer a creamier, more enjoyable texture. Head Master uses ultrasonic vibrations to create ultra fine bubbles that collect the bitterness in the foam, achieving a smoother, better tasting beer.

Compatible with 250ml, 330ml, 350ml, and 500ml cans, it's super easy to install, with a one touch operation, and features removable ultrasonic components for easy cleaning. Best of all, the incredible battery life lasts up to 180 uses, so a more flavorful beer is never more than a few moments away. It's the perfect companion for chill nights, parties, outdoor gatherings and anywhere else you enjoy a refreshing beer with fellow brew connoisseurs.

Product Details

  • Colors: Black, Gold

  • Materials: Abs Resin, Silicon

  • Measurements: 4.75"L x 3"W x 5.4"H

— Handy Beer Server Turns Canned Beer Into Fresh Served Draft 
— Ultra Fine Bubbles Collect Bitterness For Smoother, Creamier Tasting Beer 
— Foam Creates Protective Barrier To Retain Carbonation 
— Allows You To Top Your Beer With As Much Or As Little Foam As You Want 
— Switch Between Beer And Foam With One Touch 
— Easy Installation 
— Compatible With 250ml, 330ml, 350ml, 500ml Cans 
— Long Battery Life Lasts Approximately 180 Uses 
— Removable Ultrasonic Component For Easy Cleaning 
— Uses 2 AAA Batteries 
— Warranty: 1 Year