KW Strategy


Proposed Strategy for: 2019 © Brian & Lesley Thomas Real Estate Co. | Keller Williams Central Oklahoma


Foundation For Website


Build the foundation for findokchomes.com’s online visibility. Essential to the entire process of gaining website visitors leading to organic traffic and lead accumulation.


  1. Keyword Research Phase: Researching and choosing which keywords to rank for on search engines. Targeting easy-to-win keywords that are more niche related with fewer search volume and faster to climb to the top of the rankings in, as well as hard-to-win keywords that are more competitive and have higher search volume.

  2. Local Citation Building- Google is recognizing some errors in your search credentials. We need to fix this before we get started. I ran a report that shows errors to findokchomes.com and how its affecting the website’s SEO. 

  3. Optimize Keywords on Website: Once the keywords are narrowed down, we will implement them through the website and on any content being produced. Necessary for compliance with Google’s algorithm. 

  4. Listings/Link Building: Build properties on registry and high domain authority websites linking back to okchomes.com, in order to build the websites authority. 

  5. Guest Posting: Creating content blogs to be featured on popular Real Estate websites, providing credibility to search engines and advertising findokchome.com and Leslie. 

  6. Blog Posting: Creating content blogs to be posted on findokchomes.com for users to read while cumulating usage of our keywords for ranking purposes. 

  7. Press Release: Generate a PR article to send to different news networks and real estate blogs. Once established a solid foundation and able to capture the users, publishings on sites like realitor.com, trulia.com, and regional news outlet websites will be a good move.

Goal: Rank highest as possible for specific keywords on search engines. Having listings on over one hundred registry websites (accurate and exact details published). Having hundreds of links on outside websites. Pumping out consistent blog and guest post content on dozens of high traffic volume websites as well as findokchomes.com. All with the main objective of generating website traffic to findokchomes.com and turning the traffic into leads. Long term goal of findokchome.com is to generating organic traffic that provides leads ongoing at no ongoing cost. 

Note: This part of digital marketing isn’t always the most attractive, as it is more of a long term play and returns don’t show overnight. With that being said, we have found it is by far the most important and essential to success in websites gaining mass amounts of users/traffic. We have seen websites skip this phase and burn through tens of thousands of dollars with paid traffic and other techniques. 


-$3,000/ month 

-$4,000/ month

-$5,000/ month

Recommendation: Spending at least the first 3-6 months within one of these tiers (very important to link and post as much content as possible early on. Google about 12 weeks to acknowledge a website and start showing respect with rankings). Then backing down spend 50% for another 6 months (staying consistent pumping out content and being published on larger traffic volume sites). 

Paid Advertisement Campaign


Pay-per-click ads through Facebook or Google AdWords in order to attract visitors to findokchomes.com and collect data. 


  1. Keyword and Target Audience Research: Process of figuring out what distinct demographic to put ads in front of based off likeliness of clicking on ads. 

  2. Creative Content Creation: Producing creative ads that will effectively catch users attention and gain interest in Leslie’s business. 

  3. Run Ads: Spending money to display ads on Facebook or Google on a cost-per-click basis (only pay if someone clicks your ad), with the goal of a click and generating a lead. 

  4. Optimize & Repeat: Then end/beginning of a ongoing cycle improving effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Goal: Target desired online audience and hone into their online experience presenting them with creative ads in order to market Leslie business and ultimately turn them into a lead. 

Note: A successful ad campaign rarely is profitable in the first month. There is a process of optimizing the campaign and narrowing in on a target audience that converts. With this being said, the budget for ad spend will start small and move up as it starts converting. 

Pricing: TBD...ad spend is dependent on discretion to meet lead generation goals.  

Recommendation: If chosen to start paid advertising after a minimum of three months of foundation work is completed. If done to early, many factors could limit the success of the campaign.

Aggregate Network Traffic


Working with large networks and purchasing traffic, to obtain data from website users as a form of lead generation. Data such as name, email, phone number, etc. for outbound calls, texts, emails, and retargeting campaigns. 


  1. Continue Network Search: Figure out which network of traffic best fits the users we are looking for that are interested in selling or purchasing a home. 

  2. Choose Proper Traffic Route: Decide whether we want to post into high traffic volume websites and gain the users data outright (more expensive, but guarantees data for lead) or redirect traffic to a landing page on findokchomes.com, where users give us their data (less expensive, because clicks don’t always convert to leads, can purchase much more clicks this route).

  3. Set Up Infrastructure: Build landing page for findokchome.com or create ping tree (whichever is needed) . Get our Lead Management System in sync with Brivity CRM to pass along lead data for your team can access. 

  4. Purchase Traffic: Spend for acquiring user data. Enough traffic out there that we should never be limited on number of leads aggregated. 

  5. Route Data/Leads to Brivity CRM: As traffic is purchased, in real time leads will be dumped into Brivity CRM. 

  6. Contact Leads: This is where your team steps in. It really helps our process of optimizing the campaigns if we get some sort of feedback on what leads work the best. I believe Brivity has a rating feature. 

  7. Optimize: Review the lead ratings and which subIDs they derive from. Narrow traffic purchases based on finds and repeat.  

Goal: Meet desired goal of 900 leads/month with virtually no limit on how much traffic/leads we can send over each month. Find traffic that converts at the lowest cost per acquisition, interested in making a move within 12 months, and aid in scaling your business. 

Note: This is going to take some work, but when successful aggregating real estate leads could be a game changer for your business. This has the true potential to scale out a business beyond its current limitations. 

Pricing: TBD...Cost per click/acquisition of users dramatically varies. Certain traffic can get down as low as cents on the dollar and go up to over $50 per click/lead. 

Recommendation: Start aggregating leads when your team is ready to take on the leads and we get the right traffic source dialed in. Same as paid ad, we will have better results once a website foundation for findokchomes.com is established.